The Niobrara Riverview Ranch takes your Western Nebraska Sandhills experience to the next level.

There's something for everyone.

Whether you're traveling as a family, couple or an adventure group there are endless activities to choose from.



Snap out of it.
Escape the city hustle and bustle, we've designed comfortable yet rustic get away's for families of all shapes and sizes mixed with learning, adventure and the occasional nap.


Focus on yourselves for once.
We have extensive experience catering to smaller groups looking for peace and quiet. Whether you want an espresso or a hammock we can cover your get away.



Why do the cliche?
From the river to wall, all these fishes crawl. Or skeet skeet blue rock all day. Take a dive and support Nebraska's very own party on the water. 

A zoo is what we call our backyard 


Keya Paha county is home to all classic Midwestern Wildlife. From moderate to easy trails there's wildlife around every corner, or tree. The Sandhills lends itself to slow rolling plains with the occasional canyon so we can choose the trail that's right for you. This rural undisturbed habitat is perfect for preserving wildlife.



Unlock Earth's time capsule and discover history


Within Keya Paha, once an ancient river much larger and deeper than modern day Niobrara at least 89 species of fossil mammals have been found, including both four-tuskers and typical mastodons. The number of fossil horses known from the Niobrara region alone is approaching half of the known fossil horses throughout the world. 



You drank bottled water before, now paddle in it


Of all US rivers only 0.25% are designated under the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. The Niobrara National Scenic River winds through dramatic bluffs, incredible wildlife diversity, gorgeous waterfalls, world-class fossil resources, and plenty of floating fun for the whole family.


Pristine clear spring water pond supports fresh water fishing


Catching a monster fish you can't even fit through the ice hole you drilled is the biggest problem everyone hopes to have. Reel in natural born and raised Midwestern pan fish like Perch, Crappie, Bluegill from an area holding Nebraska's State Record in many species.


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